From time to time we are extremely fortunate to receive support from individuals and local and national companies to help us continue our drive to be the best organization we can be. As a sign of thanks we list those individuals and companies we have setup this sponsors page so their support can be recognized.

If you believe you could be of help to the Chordsmen, click here for more information.

Financial Sponsors

Product or Service Sponsors


LetterPop was kind enough to donate online newsletter services to the Chordsmen. We thank them so much for their contribution to help improve the communication between the chorus and our members. We’re also going to be starting a quarterly newsletter to be sent to all our supporters who have joined our mailing list (signup on the left!)

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Sennheiser USA

Sennheiser USA was gracious enough to donate four handheld microphones to the Sunshine Chordsmen. We truly appreciate the support they showed us.
Sennheiser USA Logo